Publications in reversed chronological order.


  1. Proceedings Paper
    Proceedings of the OHBM Brainhack 2022
    Stefano Moia, Hao-Ting Wang, Anibal S. Heinsfeld, Dorota Jarecka, Yu Fang Yang, Stephan Heunis, Michele Svanera, Benjamin De Leener, and 78 more authors
    Apert Neuro Feb 2024
  2. Journal Article
    Should one go for individual-or group-level brain parcellations? A deep-phenotyping benchmark
    Bertrand Thirion, Himanshu Aggarwal, Ana Fernanda Ponce, Ana Luísa Pinho, and Alexis Thual
    Brain Struct Funct Feb 2024


  1. Preprint
    A hierarchical atlas of the human cerebellum for functional precision mapping
    Caroline Nettekoven, Da Zhi, Ladan Shahshahani, Ana Luísa Pinho, Noam Saadon-Grosman, Randy Lee Buckner, and Jörn Diedrichsen
    bioRxiv Sep 2023
  2. Preprint
    Individual Brain Charting third release, probing brain activity during Movie Watching and Retinotopic Mapping
    Ana Luísa Pinho, Hugo Richard, Michael Eickenberg, Alexis Amadon, Elvis Dohmatob, Isabelle Denghien, Juan Jesús Torre, Swetha Shankar, and 18 more authors
    Nov 2023
  3. Journal Article
    Controversies and progress on standardization of large-scale brain network nomenclature
    Lucina Q. Uddin, Richard F. Betzel, Jessica R. Cohen, Jessica S. Damoiseaux, Felipe De Brigard, Simon B. Eickhoff, Alex Fornito, Caterina Gratton, and 14 more authors
    Netw Neurosci May 2023
  4. preprint
    A hierarchical Bayesian brain parcellation framework for fusion of functional imaging datasets
    Da Zhi, Ladan Shahshahani, Caroline Nettekoven, Ana Luísa Pinho, Danilo Bzdok, and Jörn Diedrichsen
    bioRxiv May 2023


  1. Journal Article
    Brain topography beyond parcellations: Local gradients of functional maps
    Elvis Dohmatob, Hugo Richard, Ana Luísa Pinho, and Bertrand Thirion
    Neuroimage Apr 2021
  2. Journal Article
    Centering inclusivity in the design of online conferences—An OHBM–Open Science perspective
    Elizabeth Levitis, Cassandra D Gould van Praag, Rémi Gau, Stephan Heunis, Elizabeth DuPre, Gregory Kiar, Katherine L Bottenhorn, Tristan Glatard, and 102 more authors
    Gigascience Aug 2021
  3. Journal Article
    Subject-specific segregation of functional territories based on deep phenotyping
    Ana Luísa Pinho, Alexis Amadon, Murielle Fabre, Elvis Dohmatob, Isabelle Denghien, Juan Jesús Torre, Chantal Ginisty, Séverine Becuwe-Desmidt, and 13 more authors
    Hum Brain Mapp Mar 2021
  4. Dataset
    Ana Luísa Pinho, L. Hertz-Pannier, and B. Thirion
    OpenNeuro January 2021
  5. Dataset
    Individual Brain Charting (IBC) v3.0
    A. L. Pinho, S. Shankar, H. Richard, A. Amadon, S. Nishimoto, A. G. Huth, M. Eickenberg, I. Denghien, and 18 more authors
    EBRAINS September 2021
  6. Journal Article
    From deep brain phenotyping to functional atlasing
    Bertrand Thirion, Alexis Thual, and Ana Luísa Pinho
    Curr Opin Behav Sci Aug 2021


  1. Journal Article
    Individual Brain Charting dataset extension, second release of high-resolution fMRI data for cognitive mapping
    Ana Luísa Pinho, Alexis Amadon, Baptiste Gauthier, Nicolas Clairis, André Knops, Sarah Genon, Elvis Dohmatob, Juan Jesús Torre, and 20 more authors
    Sci Data Oct 2020
  2. Dataset
    Individual Brain Charting dataset extension, second release of high-resolution fMRI data for cognitive mapping
    Ana Luísa Pinho, A. Amadon, T. Ruest, M. Fabre, B. Gauthier, N. Clairis, A. Knops, S. Genon, and 25 more authors
    NeuroVault Oct 2020


  1. Preprint
    Fast shared response model for fMRI data
    Hugo Richard, Lucas Martin, Ana Luísa Pinho, Jonathan W. Pillow, and Bertrand Thirion
    CoRR Dec 2019
  2. Journal Article
    Gender bias in (neuro) science: facts, consequences, and solutions
    Jessica Schrouff, Doris Pischedda, Sarah Genon, Gregory Fryns, Ana Luísa Pinho, Eliana Vassena, Antonietta G Liuzzi, and F Santos Ferreira
    Eur J Neurosci Feb 2019


  1. Book Chapter
    The Neuropsychological Aspects of Musical Creativity
    Ana Luísa Pinho
    Feb 2018
  2. Journal Article
    Individual Brain Charting, a high-resolution fMRI dataset for cognitive mapping
    Ana Luísa Pinho, Alexis Amadon, Torsten Ruest, Murielle Fabre, Elvis Dohmatob, Isabelle Denghien, Chantal Ginisty,  Séverine-Becuwe, and 13 more authors
    Sci Data Jun 2018
  3. Conference Paper
    Optimizing deep video representation to match brain activity
    Hugo Richard, Ana Luísa Pinho, Bertrand Thirion, and Guillaume Charpiat
    In CCN 2018 - Conference on Cognitive Computational Neuroscience Sep 2018


  1. Journal Article
    Addressing a paradox: dual strategies for creative performance in introspective and extrospective networks
    Ana Luísa Pinho, Fredrik Ullén, Miguel Castelo-Branco, Peter Fransson, and Örjan Manzano
    Cereb Cortex Jun 2015


  1. Journal Article
    Connecting to create: expertise in musical improvisation is associated with increased functional connectivity between premotor and prefrontal areas
    Ana Luísa Pinho, Örjan Manzano, Peter Fransson, Helene Eriksson, and Fredrik Ullén
    J Neurosci Apr 2014